Friday, December 30, 2011

Chapter 42 - Wonder Fluff Dog Shampoo

According to Boy: Wonder Fluff dog shampoo came in two varieties—"Original," and "Tick and Flea." I believe it is manufactured by a company called "Ethical Products."
In checking it out on the web, I found this "review" of the product: "I have used Wonder Fluff Flea and Tick Shampoo for years. I was also a dog breeder seven years. Wonder Fluff is always my shampoo of choice. It not only takes care of any fleas, it’s gentle to my dogs’ skin and the smell is fantastic! …all around ‘wonderfluffiness’" (Posted by: Kaye McComas from Cambridge, MD, on 8/21/2006).

Probably about two months after Mister moved in with us, his long Norwegian Elkhound ‘fur’ started smelling. And, he was beginning to scratch at fleas. Evie and I wanted to do something about it, but were not quite sure what to do. We had walked past the coolest pet store numerous times. So, we decided to stop in and buy a flea collar.
"You don’t want to put a flea collar on your dog!" the lady at the pet store confidently told us. "They’re not good for your dog. What you need is a good dog shampoo," she continued, handing me a bottle of Wonder Fluff Flea and Tick Shampoo. That will take care of the fleas, plus it smells great. I’ve used it for years."
She looked like a woman who knew what she was talking about. "Sounds good to me," I said, as I started to read the label. "What kind of dog do you have?"
"I used to have a German Shepherd, but he passed on over a year ago now," she said.
"Oh, I’m sorry to hear that," I responded in sympathy. "How often do think we should shampoo our dog?"
"No dog likes to get a bath. But you should shampoo him every couple weeks, at least," she informed me. "Wonder Fluff does not burn the eyes, and it doesn’t dry out their coats, either. Like I said, I use it on my hair twice a week. I just love it."

I had misunderstood her. When she indicated that she used Wonder Fluff, I assumed she used the shampoo on her dog. But what she was saying was that she used it on her own hair. I checked out her gray hair, and it did look pretty good. So I bought two bottles of Wonder Fluff. However, I never used it on my hair.


  1. Where can I purchase this shampoo. I have been using it foyr 40 years and now I can't find it anywhere.

    1. Same here......can't find it anywhere. It was the perfect shampoo!

  2. My email is (carole)

  3. Where did that perfect dog shampoo, Wonder Fluff go????????